Monday, September 21, 2009

libeskind to unveil home of the future

Daniel Liebskind's architecture always impresses from his Jewish museum in Berlin and San Francisco to his Modern Art Museum here in Denver, his style is angular and discernible.
On Sept. 29th Libeskind will unveil his new prototype Libeskind Villa, a german-made sculptural living space made ultra sustainable. A partnership with berlin based Proportion GMBH and the prototype was built on the premises of Rheinzink GMBH & Co., the developer of the villa’s zinc façade.

Libeskind’s first signature series home (although he has created apartment complexes prior to this), brings his signature modern asymmetrical spaces together with maximum insulation and durability, cutting-edge technologies stringent energy saving compliance (adheres to the tough German KFW40 code of less than 40 kwh/m²a).

The villa is largely constructed of wood creating a maximum thermal insulation, and efficient operation (heat transition coefficient of 0.11 w/m²k), the insulation of the villa’s exterior walls matches that of passive houses.

Additional onsite renewable energy sources for heating, electricity and water include a solar thermal system, invisibly integratedinto the zinc façade, as well as a geothermal system with a high-efficiency heat pump. Electric power may be generated from photovoltaic thin film, while rainwater can be harvested from the rooftop for use in the garden’s irrigation system.

It is encouraging to see Libeskind transition from larger civic works to bring his design skills to the people.

via Design Boom

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