Friday, September 18, 2009

sigg dilema: exchange program

It's very dangerous for a company like Sigg to have a "proprietary coating" and not disclose the material. They finally admitted that in fact, they are NOT BPA-free. In a letter from the CEO, Steve Wasik, dated Sept. 1st, the company verified that the rumors that bottles manufactured prior to August of 2008 do in fact have liners containing bisphenol A - a chemical that may adversely affect human health (a known hormone disruptor). You can now take back a bottle that you bought before August 08 to any major manufacturer and they should exchange it for a new one.
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Blogger Robb said...

Would you really want to return a bottle and exchange it for another from a company that lied to you about the chemical content of its products? I think people ought to just get rid of them and move over to a Klean Kanteen.

Robb Hughes
Head of Sales & Marketing
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12:14 PM  
Blogger hautenature* said...

Personally, I do have a Klean Kanteen ;)

12:24 PM  

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