Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 most covetable objects

YLighting's personalized ad campaign is no less than genius. Each time I flip through my new Dwell magazine of the month, I pause and love seeing what design objects people treasure most in their lives. Each customer featured, tells a little bit about why they chose their 10 most precious objects. So of course I had to use Polyvore to make one of my own renditions of their wonderful ad campaigns. The most striking thing about seeing your most used and cherished objects together in simplicity is that it reinforces a feeling of serenity and happiness because each one brings pleasure or satisfaction to your life--seeing them all together is truly BLISS!! Try doing it yourself......

So here is an explanation of my own.
customer file: H. S./Boulder, CO.
1. Black Micheal Graves paper shredder bought at Target 2 years ago--I love to shred.
2. Bose Ipod dock, it has fabulous sound.
3. Bodum french press, wonderful for coffee or coconut assam tea.
4. I adore shells, but abalone is hands down my favorite-found a ton in Northern Cal.
5. I love my Flos GLoball T1 side table lamps.
6. My electra cruiser gets me where I want to go.. and has a basket to carry goods
7. Stainless steel Klean Kanteen keeps me hydrated.
8. I doubt I could live without LivingEtc. magazine
9. My heart hot water bottle from Italy makes me feel warm and cozy.
10. I use alaea Hawaiian salt when I cook...EVERYDAY. Reminds me of when I lived there.
11. My Alessi kitchen timer is personified.
12. I love tea, so a teapot is crucial.
13. My lambskins from Ikea keep chairs warmer.
Yeah.....I could not narrow it down to 10, but close enough...Below are some of their actual ad campaigns.

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