Sunday, October 04, 2009

engineering giants go green

With positive business forecasts for profit in the green sector, some of the biggest U.S. engineering companies are moving toward power plant retrofits, solar and wind energy installments. Fluors, Jacobs and Bechtel are all changing direction and seeing profit in green energy, with current economic climate & current political leanings, this is just what US needs to make the full change over to the SmartGrid. More from Reuters.

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Anonymous Carl said...

I do believe that the "greening" process should start with big manufacturers. They handle most of the world's resources. If they take the initiative, then consumers would be able to have a choice of green real estate. The article Rise of the Green Buildings depict the slow but sure growth of green technologies being put to use in the real estate market.

Hopefully this will become the common trend and green buildings dominate our cities' skylines.

12:04 AM  

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