Monday, October 12, 2009

haute ideas for children's lunches

Keeping kids interested is simple its just like fancy garnishing. Tikes are usually a trendy bunch, their interest will be kept if the food is styled in new and unusual ways. Its hard to stay consistently creative in this department unless you prepare ahead.

Make Sunday your prep day by filling small plastic reusable containers with yogurt for dipping or berries. Put them in the freezer and take one out each day-at lunchtime they will be nice and cool.
Fill enough containers on Sunday to pop into lunches each day.
Try trail mix or organic popcorn a super low calorie snack.
Vegetables should be bite size and have a dunking dip or dressing: hummus, salsa or yogurt.
Make fruit bite size & put on skewers.
Cut sandwiches smaller or use cookie cutter. my fave PB, banana & honey!
Tiny portions of spaghetti with sauce can be placed into cupcake papers and frozen in tupperware for a quick grab.
Don't forget fun items like quesidillas, hard boiled eggs, bagels, cubed watermelon, tube style yogurt or cold mini pancakes (delicious)
Pack crackers with cheese that you shape with cookie cutters: dinos, gnomes, etc..
You really cannot go wrong if you style food in the shape of animals or characters.
More ideas at Flickr Bentos, Kids Eats & Vegetarian Bento


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