Monday, October 05, 2009

urban transformation through landscape

Giardiningiro is an international event taking place in Torino (Italy), from 9 to 11 October 2009.

Giardiningiro is a project that aims to create twenty temporary garden installations in the city of Turin, Italy, in the district called San Salvario, nearby the river Po. The project also includes a cultural program of book presentations, workshops and activities to promote the creation of gardens in the disused areas of the town.

Giardini is part of a wider energy campaign called Uniamo le energie, sustained by Regione Piemonte (Piedmont Regional Government).

Each garden should carry a message and provide the visitor with a stimulating new experience through the layout of the installation and the interaction of artistry and creativity so that places that are normally ignored are reinterpreted and their special features and inherent vitality revealed.

An international jury will select the 20 best applications from all those submitted. Over the following months the different projects will be developed alongside the organising team.

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