Wednesday, November 04, 2009

call 2 recycle: mobile devices

Call2Recycle is a great resource if you need to find out where a nearby recycling area is. For example, cell phones can be recycled at your local Radio Shack or Office Depot. The average America gets a new cell phone every 18-24 months, making old phones many which contain hazardous materials like lead mercury cadmium, the fastest growing type of manufactured garbags in the nation. Americans discard 125 million phones each year creating 65,000 tons of waste. Collective Good takes used cellphones refurbishes them and then resells them to distributors and carries in develoing countries. Recellular reuses and recycles mobile phones.



Anonymous Mike Mkcoy said...

Hello please advise. So these are U.S based mobile phone recycling sites? It is a good list thankyou because I am doing some research in this field.


1:49 PM  

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