Tuesday, November 03, 2009

devils thumb ranch: colorado

Colorado's Devil's Thumb Ranch offers a wonderful eco setting for a rustic mountain vacation 10 minutes from Winter Park. This luxury wilderness resort, sits on 5,000 forested acres 65 miles west of Denver near the continental divide. Devil's Thumb Ranch has earned a place on Travel & Leisure’s list of Top-20 Eco-friendly Resorts in the World. Among its earth-friendly attributes is the resort’s heating system. Each of the ranch’s cabins and buildings are heated using naturally occurring geothermal energy, greatly reducing the property’s carbon footprint. Devil’s Thumb Ranch also employs a custom-built water-sand filtration system, removing the need for chemically treated water. The pool and hot tubs are also heated with geothermal energy. The ranch won a 2004 award from the EPA for environmentally sensitive remodeling, it's special events center is a reclaimed 1850's barn and all chimneys are epa approved to reduce wood burning emissions. The Ranch creek Restaurant at Devil's Thumb Ranch serves organic cuisine grown on local farms that employ sustainable growth practices and raise hormone-free animals. Time for a wintry vacation!

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