Friday, November 20, 2009

elder co-housing: spreading retirement concept

As baby boomers turn 60, many are beginning to plan how they will spend their golden years. Many will shun institutional facilities for a concept spreading across America "elder co-housing' experience. These co-housing villages and communities are created by residents for mutual support and environmentally conscious living. Although Cohousing Communities for Elders are somewhat rare and just now catching on in the US, they have been a staple in many European countries for decades. (Netherlands, Denmark)

The Glacier Circle Senior Community in Davis California began in 2002, With the help of co-housing designer Virginia Thigpen, eight households evolved. In Abingdon Virginia ElderSpirit Commmunity is a larger project that includes privately owned homes as well as affordable rental units. Others Elder Co-Housing communites are springing up across the country from Alaska to Florida.

You can obtain more information for yourself or a family member at:
Plan B Retirement
Aging in Community
Culture Change Now
CoHousing Association of US.
Aging Today

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