Wednesday, November 18, 2009

geodesic, spherical treehouses: ecological backyard retreats

Arboreal architects Tom Chudleigh, Jayson Fann & Dustin Feider all produce environmentally sensitive treehouse structures from wood. Any of these men can be commissioned to make you your very own treetop canopy dream space.

Chudleigh based on Vancouver Island, creates his handcrafted Free Spirit Spheres and suspends them gracefully with a web of rope, use for leisure or meditation.

Jayson Fann of Big Sur California carefully assembles his giant nests from branches, his work can be found at the Big Sur Spirit Garden and Treebones.

Dustin Feider of LA had been commissioned by many California residents as well as the LA County Museum of Art for his geodesic constructions, averaging $20,000 and 1,500 pounds. The wooden polygons distribute stress across the entire structure using a cable suspension system to hang the orbs without drilling a single hole in the trunk or branches. “The house moves with the tree,” he explains, “like a boat in water.” His O2 Sustainability Treehouses are inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s infamous geodesic domes. These stable structures with their new pleasing aesthetic are all sensitive options for the ‘traditional’ treehouse retreat.

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