Thursday, November 19, 2009

sprig toys: recycled milk jugs

Designers Justin Discoe, David Bowen, David Monahan & Chris Clemmer decided that toys they were creating and sending to manufacture weren't ecological in the least bit, actually harmful to the environment, thus Spring Toys was born. This socially responsible children's toy company works tirelessly to make high-quality toys, directed in their offerings with a simple mission statement: "Active, inspirational, fun toys made safely and sustainably." Made from recycled materials and powered by that seemingly limitless energy source - KIDS! -The world of Sprig is a place where kids power the fun, which fuels their imagination. It's where the batteries stay out of landfills, and kids get off the couch.

Sprig's adventure vehicles and character guides become favorite toys to recipients! The clean design of all the adventure mobiles take imaginary safaris to Africa, to the Arctic, the Amazon, the Outback, or the Himalaya. Sprig Toys are all made of Sprigwood, a kid-friendly, durable, bio-composite material made of recycled wood and reclaimed plastic. I am proud to support Sprig Toys, a local Colorado company based in Fort Collins Colorado. They are perfect presents!!

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