Friday, November 27, 2009

top cardboard designs

Kids On Roofcustomizable dollhouse
Fuchs & Funke Red Papton Chair
Everyday Studio tiger head
Die Fabrik777 Chair by Stefan Hölldobler
Color Me House
A4A Design Italy
Ann Woods castle
Farm Designs UK Giles Miller lamp and screen
Cardboard Safarimoose trophy
Cardboard Safari skull
Frank Gehry's cardboard chair deserves mention as he was one of the first Architect/Designers to utilize cardboard for a high end design piece.
Leo Kempf
Gray Pantsscrap lighting
Cat Cocoon

Most of these cardboard designs have been blogged about before on Haute Nature, just type 'cardboard' in the top left search blank.

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Anonymous melissa said...

just discovered your blog today and i swear i've probably been digging through your archives for an hour or two. i'm in a design class, and one of our assignments is to make a chair out of repurposed/recycled materials. your blog has been very inspirational. i was feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning when i was digging around for materials at the salvage yard, but after looking through this i feel capable of designing something awesome...basically, you've made my day.

10:36 PM  

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