Tuesday, December 01, 2009

spring leaf: net zero, leed neighborhood boulder

Boulder, Colorado will be the first town to integrate smart grid city wide system. Spring Leaf in Boulder is now the first net-zero neighborhood in the U.S.

The planned neighborhood will contain 12 LEED Platinum-certified homes powered completely by solar energy and heated with geothermal energy. The homes, which will be located close to local shops, schools, and offices, will also feature recycled countertops, bamboo cabinets and non-toxic paints. Spring Leaf Boulder will wrap around a park that acts as both a community gathering space and a place to soak up storm water.

Spring Leaf's developers expect that the townhouses and single-family homes will cost approximately $200 per square foot, there is currently one model home open to tour. There is a geothermal heat pump, hepa filtration system and other green features and materials on view. The home exceeds LEED silver standards.

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