Wednesday, December 02, 2009

what is waste?: documentary series

What is Waste is a documentary series that features people redefining waste: salvagers, engineers, designers & architects all using waste in creative new ways to reduce impact of consumption.

This series features spirited individuals that survive or create using waste. Their stories will educate and motivate attitudinal and behavioral change. Waste? explores what motivates people to reuse and causes reflection about our relationship with our own waste, recycling habits, consumption patterns, and to take relevant action.

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Blogger Sheifalika.Bhatnagar - Environmental Journalist said...

I am a senior journalism student at the University of Memphis and I am always looking for new and exciting stories with a surprise environmental twist. Recently, the university hosted an art exhibit by an artist named Jonathan Brilliant. His installation called The Goldsworthy of Coffee Shop Project was made of only wooden coffee stirrers. He uses at least 50.000 stirrers a month and each installation is unique, not to mention gigantic. In an interview with The Memphis Flyer, Brilliant said he is inspired by found objects. So, I thought your documentary, which redefines objects of waste, had something in common with Jonathan Brilliant. Great blog by the way! Cheers!

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