Saturday, January 09, 2010

maori art: new zealand

Leaving today for New Zealand for a month. Yes!! But thought I would leave you readers with a little pre trip inspiration of Maori Art. Don't worry though, I have written posts for this month in advance so that Haute Nature does not sit idle for so long.

Maori tattoos are unlike any in the world, not only were they colored, but also incised to form ridges on the face. According to Māori mythology, tattooing commenced with a love affair between a young man by the name of Mataora (which means "Face of Vitality") and a young princess of the underworld by the name of Niwareka. All high ranking Maori were tattooed, and if you were not, you had no social status. Tattooing was done with a bone chisel, and chants and flute music were performed during to ease the intense pain. Women had far less than men, but did tattoo their lips blue and their chin with spirals and lines. More about the Maori here.



Blogger onetwofree said...

Whoa, did not know it was done by a bone chisel! I can only imagine the pain. Have fun in New Zealand!

7:58 PM  
Blogger Allie said...

Wow! Have a wonderful trip! I hope you'll share some photos when you get back!

8:05 AM  

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