Saturday, February 27, 2010

floating gardens: studio noach + holtrop

From the exhibition “Architecture of Consequence” in the Netherlands, Studio Noach and Anne Holtrop have developed a floating spa that seems to be a “construction of a landscape”, an extension of the land into the water to create a serene environment. Using recycled polystyrene and Patrick Blanc’s “living wall” ideas, the architecture of the spa makes the walls and ceilings the outer for hills and valleys while the interior follows the counter form of the landscape.

The composite GreenRexwall, developed in collaboration with the German constructor Aquahouse GmbH, is a strong and constructive material such that cement, steel and bricks are no longer needed. The plantable walls and roof become a breeding ground for birds, butterflies and insects plus the innovative technical installations provide big energy savings. The surrounding water acts as a heat exchanger and cooling source, making the spa up to 70% more efficient than using conventional energy systems.via Architecture Daily

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