Monday, April 12, 2010

climbing rope sofa: oscar andersson

I love climbing, so this couch speaks to my inner ascender, by recycling used climbing rope for the woven cushion. This fantastic concept was designed by Oscar Andersson for the Beckmans College of Design and exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010.

Andersson's two person chair entitled 'I made a Sofa But Its not for climbing mountains', was created partially out of a love of climbing and a distaste for wasting the used ropes and partially of nostalgia for talents that his grandparents showed (knitting and metalwork). He created the small sofa for lazy days in the sun but wanted a product that was self built, sustainable and easy to produce. Each chair takes on a unique look with multiple colors of braided ropes for the recline, the smart arm angles allow maximum comfort. He's a Green Genius!

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